Slide School for Organizations

This school is currently under development. If you are interested in this for your team/organization now or in the near future, sign up for the waitlist:

Slide School for Organizations is designed to build your team's presentation design capacity quickly, focusing on the core strategies needed to design more engaging presentations. If you have 5 or more folks who need presentation training, this is going to be a great option for you.

When launched, Slide School for Organizations will (likely) include*:

  • 1-month access to about 3 hours of high-value training content (see below for details).
  • 1-month access to The Creative Communicators Toolbox (Technical Training Videos).
  • A 60- to 90-minute live Q&A session + custom slide makeover/s of your organization's work during week 3.
  • Downloadable handouts for training content.

What content will be included?

The Slide School for Organizations will include everything covered in my live workshops, plus a lot more! Here is the content covered in my live workshops:

[STEP 1] Effective presentation foundations: How to set yourself up for success for any presentation

  1. When it matters to create effective presentations.
  2. Your #1 enemy or “kiss of death” when giving presentations.
  3. How default templates feed into that enemy and other examples of this problem.
  4. How to identify and remove these problems from your presentations.
  5. Exactly what to do instead of using a default template.
  6. Top universal information (text) design principles that will work for any presentation (including in-person and online webinar formats).

[STEP 2] Resonate with your audience: How to choose the right amount of text per slide and use visuals to make a lasting impact

  1. How to choose what information to keep on your slides.
  2. How to know when you have too much text on your slides, and a system to help keep the amount of text on your slides “in check”.
  3. The #1 rule to guide you in creating presentations that will captivate your audience and keep their attention.
  4. How to choose visuals that will resonate: An alternative approach to how most people find and use visuals.**
  5. How to place visuals on your slides in an effective way.**
  6. An effective strategy to help you follow information and graphic (visual) design principles without even having to think about it.
  7. Where to find visuals for free, and recommendations for using paid stock photo sites.

*Only one of these is covered during the live workshops, but BOTH will be included in this online school! Whoo Hoo!

[STEP 3] Tell your unique data story: My 4-step universal framework for presenting your data effectively

  1. How effective data visualization fits into the bigger picture of effective communication.
  2. The universal 4-step dataviz design process: (1) declutter/de-emphasize; (2) organize; (3) explain; and (4) entertain.
  3. Examples using this process will be provided for: a pie chart, clustered horizontal bar graph, and line graph.
  4. How to apply this process even with complex slides, sophisticated analyses, and when you have a lot of data to present.


This is a draft list of additional content I will most likely create for this training.

  • How to have your logo/brand on your slides
  • How to use references in your presentations
  • Technical training (video walkthroughs) of how to do the following in the latest version of PowerPoint: set up widescreen slides, remove templates, create custom templates & apply them to existing slide decks, crop photos, edit photos, reset distorted photos.

Why am I creating the Slide School for Organizations?

My comprehensive professional development course, Blast Off to Stellar Slides (BOSS), is an individual license only. Yet, many organizations want to increase the presentation design skills of many people at once (e.g., their entire staff, their grantees). Even with the discounts I provide for bulk orders of individual licenses for BOSS, that quickly becomes unaffordable for many organizations. For example, it would cost $18,750 USD for 30 people to enroll in BOSS. So, clearly, I needed to develop something that specifically fits the needs of organizations who need group training.

So, I'm developing an abridged version of BOSS for organizations with 5 or more people. This new training course will focus on the strategies that are the easiest and quickest to apply, regardless of technical skill level.

After years of delivering presentation training workshops to broad audiences of grad students, service providers, and faculty (in a variety of disciplines), I know the most common questions that people have. This training covers all of those, and more.

Interested? Send me a quick email at

*some features may change during development

Your Instructor

Echo Rivera, PhD
Echo Rivera, PhD

You need to make a lasting impact when you present your research and educational information--not hit a dead end with overwhelmed or distracted audiences. I'm here to help you transform your approach to slide-based presentations, so you can make the type of impact you want. My PhD is in community psychology and I have over 12 years of research & evaluation experience. I've tested these strategies on multiple audiences--college students, service providers, non-researchers, academics, scientists, and policymakers--so I know they work across settings. I've led conference workshops on these ideas since 2014, and I'm now bringing the strategies straight to you with my online courses.

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