5 free "brownbag style" trainings just for academics, scientists, evaluators, and professionals!

Then you'll definitely want to register for #StellarSlidesin5!


#StellarSlidesin5 is 5 short (30-45 min) brownbags.

Watch them daily on your lunch break for a week of training...or binge watch them all at once: you choose!


By completing #StellarSlidesin5, you get:

  • Lots of laughs while I secretly also train you to create better presentations.
  • A workbook to supplement the free training week.
  • Your mind blown with all the myths I'm going to bust.
  • Encouraged to change the bad habits that are getting in your way.
  • Informed about how you can create the type of presentations that will resonate with your audience.

If you're like most people, you want to design better presentations but aren't 100% sure where to start. Well, here are the 5 steps to stellar presentation design:

Step 1) Learn WHAT effective presenting actually is (because a lot of people get this wrong).

Step 2) Stop believing all the LIES you believe about effective presenting.


Step 4) LEARN the slide-based communication framework.

Step 5) APPLY the slide-based communication framework in steps.


...and that's why in #StellarSlidesin5 you will learn:

1. WHAT effective presenting actually is (because a lot of people get this wrong).

2. The LIES you’ve been told about effective presenting and a new way to think about presentations.

3. The worst SELF-SABOTAGING HABITS you have, and suggestions for changing those habits.

! That means you will learn the first 3 steps for FREE! Plus, in #StellarSlidesin5 I will share:

4. An INTRO to the slide-based communication FRAMEWORK and why it’s so helpful.

5. Details on WHERE you can take professional development training on how to learn and apply the slide-based communication FRAMEWORK.

The live brownbags are over, but the replays are available FOR FREE. Here are the #StellarSlidesin5 topics waiting for you:

For reference: 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern

You'll also get a BONUS WORKBOOK to supplement your training:


#StellarSlidesin5 is an introduction/primer to Blast Off to Stellar Slides!

#StellarSlidesin5 is my special lead up event to opening enrollment for my professional development course, Blast Off to Stellar Slides.

By signing up for #StellarSlidesin5, not only will you learn the first 3 steps toward becoming an effective presenter, but you will ALSO get a chance to decide whether you're ready to invest in professional development that will help you communicate effectively when using slides.

Your Instructor

Echo Rivera, PhD
Echo Rivera, PhD

You need to make a lasting impact when you present your research and educational information--not hit a dead end with overwhelmed or distracted audiences. I'm here to help you transform your approach to slide-based presentations, so you can make the type of impact you want. My PhD is in community psychology and I have over 12 years of research & evaluation experience. I've tested these strategies on multiple audiences--college students, service providers, non-researchers, academics, scientists, and policymakers--so I know they work across settings. I've led conference workshops on these ideas since 2014, and I'm now bringing the strategies straight to you with my online courses.

Course Curriculum

  If you found #StellarSliesin5 helpful...
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  Want me to come train your group, department, organization, lab, or team?
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  Want to learn how to improve your slides, but don't want to take an online course? Need help RIGHT NOW?
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  Want visually engaging slides...but don't have the time to DIY?
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Frequently Asked Questions

When does #StellarSlidesin5 start and finish?
#StellarSlidesin5 starts Monday April 22nd @ 12pm Mountain Time. It's a weeklong event where I'll be doing live "brownbag" style trainings each day (same time) that week. Note: 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern
Will there be replays? How long will I have access to the replays?
YES! If you register, then you will have access to the replays. They will be uploaded into this course portal about 24-48 business hours after the live brownbag. You will have access to the replays until May 31, 2019.
How much does #StellarSlidesin5 cost to attend?
Good news, my friend: This event is totally free!!
What's the Communication Café?
When you enroll in #StellarSlidesin5, you'll also become a member of the Communication Café. It's my free email list, and you'll get things like: Free tech tips in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote + exclusive invites to professional development trainings or courses. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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